obama35.jpgGod-o-Meter wrote earlier today that Democratic congressional candidate Travis Childers’s victory in a ruby red Mississippi district showed that the GOP’s attempts to tie Democrats to the Wright/Obama brouhaha aren’t working. But that’s not to say that Obama himself is out of the woods when it comes to paying electoral costs for Wright. When asked if Obama shares the views of Rev. Wright in an exit poll yesterday, 51-percent of West Virginia Democrats said yes. Those voters broke for Hillary Clinton by 80-percent. Those who said Obama didn’t share Wright’s views split 51 to 44 percent for Clinton. That was one of the biggest gaps in the Mountain State’s Democratic electorate.
Another yawning gap: 56-percent of West Virginia Democrats said Obama didn’t share their values, twice the number who said the same thing about Hillary Clinton. For all Obama’s faith talk, values is still his weakness.


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