The minister who married first daughter Jenna Bush and Henry Hager this weekend, Kirbyjon Caldwell (above), is a Barack Obama supporter who gave God-o-Meter an exclusive interview last week. Caldwell’s role in the wedding is a remarkable testament to his personal relationship with the Bushes, despite their political differences. Caldwell addressed that unusual dynamic in last week’s interview:

Have you grown more frustrated by President Bush’s actions as president in his second term? Has that affected your relationship?
It has not. Our relationship is pure. That’s the first thing. Second is, while his approval ratings are at an all-time low, Congress’s approval ratings are at an all-time low as well. So clearly there needs to be a fresh wind, a breath blowing over Washington…. As I look back on some of the decisions that the president has made, I’ve not agreed with all of those. [But] my disagreement with some of those decisions has not impacted my appreciation for him as a person and my relationship with him as an individual.

A healthy reminder that it is still possible to keep the religious and political realms separate, even for someone as political and religious as our president.


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