Spiritual Politics tipped God-o-Meter off to a Revealer post showcasing a Holocaust-themed sermon from John Hagee, the Texas televangelist and John McCain endorser. Apparently from the 1990s, the sermon has Hagee blaming the Holocaust partly on the Jews and framing it as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy and as part of God’s plan for the Jews’ return to the Holy Land.Watch it here:Spiritual Politics’s Mark Silk has trouble accepting that the “famously philosemitic’ Hagee can be tagged as anti-Semitic:

That seems to me an exaggeration at best. Theological interpretations of the Holocaust as God’s judgment is pretty standard in ultra-Orthodox Jewish circles, for example. And bear in mind that Hagee is exegeting the story of the dry bones in Ezechiel 37; it’s typical evangelical interpretation to see God’s action there as stirring the spiritually dead. I’m inclined to see this as Hagee indulging in the normal evangelical understanding of the Jews as not yet “awakened” through knowledge of Christ. That’s hardly anti-Semitic.

Whether the national news media would see those same distinctions, should the Hagee video make it that far, is another question. God-o-Meter doubts it. Which means John McCain could face another round of Hagee headaches, since the Arizona senator has refused to completely disown him.4

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