perkins.jpgFamily Research Council Action, the most influential conservative evangelical advocacy group, likes what it heard about judges this morning from John McCain. Here’s the statement from FRC Action president Tony Perkins:

Senator McCain’s speech will be well- received by millions of Americans alarmed by activist judges who undermine the rule of law by legislating from the bench.
We applaud Senator McCain for his support of federal judges who will apply the U.S. Constitution. He is correct in criticizing both federal judges who presume to ‘make law
instead of apply it’ and the obstructionist Senate Democratic leaders who continue to deny hearings to well-qualified judicial nominees.
The Senate Democratic leadership views the judiciary as a tool to dictate social policy. If they can’t pass a hate-crimes law, they will support judges who will installone from the bench. If they can’t overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, they will find a judge to declare it unconstitutional.
Essentially, the Democrats in the Senate have committed themselves to obstruct and pervert the judicial process until the time, they hope, when a liberal president can nominate judicial activists to reshape the social policy landscape of America.
I thank Senator McCain for the commitment he made today to ‘restore the standards and spirit that give the judicial branch its place of honor in our government…. Every federal court should be a refuge from abuses of power, and not the source’ of them.

This isn’t the only sign that Family Research Council is coming around on McCain.


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