obama6.jpgMore evidence that the Christian Right wants to face Hillary Clinton this fall?
The Catholic League has just issued another press release slamming Barack Obama for–get this–a Chicago Tribune op-ed written by one of his supporters (no official connection to the campaign) that says l’affaire Wright is proof that Democrats need to halt their campaign to “get religion.” Here’s the key lines from the Catholic League release:

In today’s Chicago Tribune, Katha Pollitt not only criticizes Rev. Wright, she takes the opportunity to smear almost the entire nation. She says that ‘thanks to Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., the Democrats have got religion and everything that goes with it—weirdness, wrath, insult, blowhardiness, vanity, paranoia, divisiveness and trouble.’ Her hatred of religion wouldn’t matter so much if she were simply a writer for the Nation. However, she is also a prominent supporter of Sen. Obama: She joined hands with Frances Kissling, a notorious anti-Catholic, to endorse him in a publicly signed statement.
….Obama is not responsible for Pollitt’s bigotry and he does not need to renounce her. But what he must do is start the purge—he must rid his ranks of those who want to silence religion…. Purging the Pollitts from his base would reassure the faithful that they have a place in his campaign.

God-o-Meter feels that the Catholic League is getting nitpicky here. How could Obama be held accountable for what his garden variety supporters feel about religion’s role in politics? How exactly would he begin such a ‘purge,’ even if he wanted to? (As a side note, God-o-Meter is quite surprised to see the Catholic League employ language with strong communist connotations.)


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