frc.jpgFor an organization with an axe to grind with John McCain, Family Research Council Action sure likes his health care plan. This is from an FRC Action email update that just went out:
A Man with a Plan

Spending isn’t the only area where Sen. John McCain and his rivals disagree. Yesterday, the Arizona senator unveiled his market-based health care plan, which stands in stark contrast to the universal coverage that Sens. Clinton and Obama are proposing. For starters, McCain’s plan is based on the philosophy that individuals and families should benefit from the health care system–not employers. Under his initiative, Americans would get the significant tax relief, including a $5,000 family tax credit, for insurance that is “tailored to their health care needs and not tied to a particular job.” In a recent speech, McCain described his idea this way, “It would help change the whole dynamic of the current system… forcing companies to respond with better service at lower cost.” Instead of empowering Washington bureaucrats to make decisions about a patient’s needs, McCain’s solution would give Americans control over their costs and care. While the plan is far from perfect, it does incorporate family-friendly principles that FRC favors. It also relies on market competition, one of our nation’s unique strengths, as its foundation rather than overbearing government regulation.

Is this a sign that McCain has finally given Christian Right groups some behind-the-scenes love? God-o-Meter is checking into the possibility.


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