sederplate.jpgShe’s the first candidate to issue a Passover message:

Statement By Hillary Clinton On Passover
As Jewish families across the world prepare to gather together around the Seder table, I am delighted to offer greetings and good wishes for a joyous Passover.
I have always been inspired by the enduring words of the Haggadah: “In every generation, each of us must see ourselves as if we personally came out of Egypt.” It’s through remembering the past that we become strong and effective advocates for all who suffer the indignity and pain of servitude and injustice. I am deeply moved by this timeless cry to stand up to oppression, tyranny, and discrimination — wherever they are found.
As you prepare your homes and your hearts for this Passover season, please know that Bill, Chelsea, and I join you in celebrating freedom and family.
Hag Sameach — May this be a season of joy for all!


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