obamafamily2.jpgThe Hotline reports that Obama’s up with a new Spanish-language radio ad in Philadelphia. Read this translation. Notice the emphasis on faith, family values, and personal struggle. Sounds like a Huckabee ad, doesn’t it?

SCRIPT: He was only two years old when his father left.
Even though his family didn’t have much money, with the love of his mother and grandparents, he found his way.
And after he graduated from college, he chose to work with local churches to help struggling families — a path the led him to finding his Christian faith.
Today, the path of Barack Obama has taken him to all parts of Pennsylvania, sharing with our families his ideas as our next President.
Ideas like his plan to let students earn the first $4,000 of their college tuition through community service — putting a college education back in reach of working families.
Perhaps the reason we identify with Obama is because he’s faced many of the same challenges in his life as we have.
Or perhaps it’s because the Obama campaign doesn’t look to the past, but to the future — a brighter future for his two little girls, and all our nation’s children.


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