trinityucc.jpgThe Chicago Tribune has a rundown of the new rules:

At a news conference Thursday, Trinity’s leaders laid down the law for reporters who want to cover the church in the future. Permission must be granted on Thursday for reporters to attend Sunday worship services. All media must check in, wear a badge at all times and refrain from interviewing members on church property.
Though journalists may carry a notepad, they may not send text on their BlackBerries nor use recording devices or cameras anywhere on the church campus. Audio and video recordings of the sermons are available for purchase immediately after the services at the church bookstores.

The Chicago Trib raises the obvious questions about new rules:

Should reporters, like the rest of the public, have full and unfettered access to houses of worship? Or is there a time when churches should guard their gates to protect their flocks?

Though initially alarmed by these new restrictions, upon further reflection God-o-Meter thinks they’re reasonable to minimize disruptions to Sunday services without restricting the press’s access. Feel differently? Make your argument in comments.


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