obamawright.jpgThe Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy has blown over, and Obama survived more or less unscathed, right? Not exactly. As God-o-Meter has said, the worst is yet to come for Obama, as Republicans and their allies begin turning video of Wright’s most incendiary sermons into campaign commercials for the general election. That process has now officially begun.
NBC is reporting that the North Carolina Republican Party is launching an ad that knocks two Democratic gubernatorial candidates for backing Obama on the premise that candidates should be judged by the company that their prominent backers keep.
Sound far fetched, given the few degrees separation here? Imagine what the GOP will do with Obama himself during the general. In the meantime, Obama will have to contend with these this first Wright ad, given that North Carolina hosts the next Democratic primary.
Here’s the report from NBC’s First Read:

The GOP goes there…: This morning, NBC/NJ’s Carrie Dann reports, the North Carolina GOP will unveil a 30-second ad that attacks Democratic gubernatorial candidates Beverly Perdue and Richard Moore for their endorsements of Obama. The ad, per the party, will reference “controversial figures from Barack Obama’s past” and raise the question of the candidates’ “judgment” in supporting him. The ad will be unveiled at an 11:00 am press conference. So far, the Democratic gubernatorial campaigns say that they have not yet seen it and declined to comment before knowing the content. But it’s anticipated by Democratic bigs in the state that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright will play a starring role.


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