hillary.jpgThe Brody File has tapes from an interview Hillary Clinton did after this month’s Compassion Forum that was broadcast to churches in the week after the event.
An excerpt from the transcript:

When you stand before God, what might a question be that you’ll ask Him?
“I have so many questions. I am insatiably curious about every part of the Bible. Why God did certain things or didn’t do certain things so there would be a lot to choose from there. I would ask how could a loving God have let so much despair, suffering and pain be part of the human experience? What were you teaching us? What were you modeling for us? We know that you had your son suffer excruciatingly and he died for us and I can’t thank you enough for that gift but so many people who seem so innocent have also suffered so much. Was there any point at which you thought you could perhaps just you know, reach out and just lessen it a little or did you expect us to do that? Was that our job? Is that what we were called to do with the gifts that you gave onto us?”


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