obama28.jpgThe Chronicle of Philantrophy reports that the Obamas gave $240,000 to charity last year. The Chronicle doesn’t say how much of their salary that represents, but reports that the couple gave 5-percent or more in 2005 and 2006:

The Obamas gave $60,307 to charitable organizations in 2006, about 6 percent of their $991,296 in total income that year (the most recent year for which data from the couple’s tax returns was available).
Recipients of gifts from the Obamas in 2006 included their church, Trinity United Church of Christ, $22,500; CARE, the international relief organization, $15,000; the Congressional Black Caucus, $13,107; and the Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago, $5,000.

One more point of comparison for when Hillary Clinton releases her recent tax documents, which she’s pledged to do–in part, anyway–in the very near term.


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