hillary4.jpgAs Barack Obama racks up primary victories, Hillary Clinton is making a strenuous case that super delegates, whose support could potentially determine the Democratic nominee, should act according to their consciences and not according to the primary results. The Clinton campaign has even launched a new web site to make that argument. Now, camp Clinton is going even further, making a moral case for super delegates voting their own minds, complete with endorsements from dozens of religious clergy around the country.
You heard right. Check out these excerpts from a letter that clergy for Clinton have sent to “friends, fellow clergy and people of faith”:

We are Americans who look to God and the holy texts for our moral compass in our private decisions and civic duties. We are concerned about the direction the current Presidential race is taking, and we feel we must bring attention, as clergy and faith leaders, to our concern….
Delegates to our national conventions should be bound by principle, beliefs and a shared commitment to the common good that we are all in this together. They are charged with using their judgment individually and collectively to determine who will be our next Democratic nominee for President of the United States.
No one should be cornered or cowered into believing this election is about one group over the other. Too much is at stake. There must be a higher standard. Our nation, our world, our children, need much more right now. They deserve much more right now. We must move forward guided by a collective consciousness that leads to mercy for the poor, justice for all and the freedom to walk humbly – as one people.

Is God-o-Meter the only one taken aback by this? Is there really a moral case for powerful role for super delegates? GOM is not convinced that the Almighty takes sides in an intra-party dispute about the mechanics of determining a presidential nominee.


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