mccain6.jpgCBN’s David Brody asked evangelical readers of his blog k to write him with their thoughts on John McCain. He got some positive reactions, to be sure, but plenty of them read like this:

From Fred (and his wife):
We are Born Again Christians believing in God’s commandments. McCain does not want a federal marriage amendment. He wants the states to decide the issues on marriage. This is against God and will produce chaos.
From Bob:
You asked if we would vote for J. McCain. I haven’t been able to bring myself to that place yet. I’m still backing Huckabee and still hoping for a brokered convention that gives him the nod. I know it’s a long shot, but it’s our only shot left. Huckabee is everything we’ve dreamed of having in a candidate all these years. McCain has been quite unkind to evangelicals in the past, so I’m not too fond of his run this time.
From Adam:
David, on too many issues, he’s wrong. Eventually the GOP is going to lose and with McCain the nominee I can’t think of a better year.
From WT:
I would not vote for John McCain. I would sit out the election or vote for a 3rd party. He does not share solid consistent values with Evangelicals, and I do not consider him a true conservative or a friend of the family. (Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Bush Tax Cuts, Reference to Evangelical Leaders as, “agents of intolerance”, McCain-Feingold etc…)
HE CANNOT BEAT HILLARY OR OBAMA. IF MCCAIN WINS THE GOP NOMINATION, THE DEMOCRATS WILL PREVAIL IN THE GENERAL ELECTION. PERIOD. NO CONTEST. I don’t trust his judgment. His difficult military past and extensive time in Washington, make me suspect.


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