reed.jpgCBN’s David Brody has some advice for John McCain from former Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed about winning over skeptical evangelicals:

First, he should choose a running mate with strong conservative credentials, both on social issues and economic issues. Then he should adopt a conservative platform at the convention, and run a general election campaign that sounds conservative themes on taxes, terrorism, and values. If he does those things, he should be able to unite the party. If not, it will be difficult to rally the grassroots and win a highly competitive, close race in November.”

God-o-Meter’s follow up for Reed: any suggestions for McCain’s veep pick? Sure, Huck’s doing phenomenally well among evangelicals, but the anti-tax crowd and Rush Limbaugh, along with some anti-immigration advocates, can’t stand him. Has the GOP replaced the Democrats as the party so beholden to assorted special interest groups that no one can satisfy them all?


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