mccain2.jpgTrying to win over his own skeptical base, and to combat reports that he has criticized Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito for “wearing his conservatism on his sleeve,” John McCain plans to use his address this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference to talk judges. The AP reports:

[Mccain] said he didn’t remember saying, as some conservatives have alleged, that Alito ”wore his conservatism on his sleeve.”
”I may have said something that I don’t recall, but the fact is that I have a clear record, both publicly and privately, of saying Alito and Roberts are what we want on the Supreme Court,” McCain said.
McCain has been trying to reach out to the right wing of the GOP base who have mistrusted him for years and, in addition to his address next week, is running a national cable ad proclaiming he is a true conservatives.


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