hagee.jpgYesterday, John McCain received the endorsement of the prominent San Antonio-based Christian evangelist/Zionist John Hagee, an important get in a state where Mike Huckabee threatens to take major evangelical support in next week’s primary. So why isn’t God-o-Meter’s needle going up? Two high-profile Catholics–scholar and former Republican Party Catholic Outreach Director Deal Hudson and Catholic League President Bill Donahue–have come out urging McCain to reject Hagee’s endorsement, alleging he’s anti-Catholic.
Donahue details Hagee’s anti-Catholic statements in a press release, but this line is the grabber:
“Senator Obama has repudiated the endorsement of Louis Farrakhan, another bigot. McCain should follow suit and retract his embrace of Hagee.”
p.s. Does anyone else find it strange that John McCain keeps his Christian Right endorsements under wraps? God-o-Meter constantly receives emails from the McCain team trumpeting new endorsements, but not for a handful of Christian Right gets earlier this month or for yesterday’s Hagee announcement. Maybe team McCain knows Christian Right endorsements can cut both ways and that the people to whom they really matter will find out through their own channels?


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