The only real mention of religion during last night’s Democratic debate came from Hillary:

WOLF BLITZER: [W]ere you missing in action when Senator Obama and Senator McCain and Senator Kennedy started formulating comprehensive immigration reform?
CLINTON: Well, actually, I co-sponsored comprehensive immigration reform in 2004 before Barack came to the Senate. So I’ve been on record on behalf of this for quite some time.
And representing New York, the homeland with the Statue of Liberty, bringing all of our immigrants to our shores, has been not only an extraordinary privilege, but given me the opportunity to speak out on these issues.
When the House of Representatives passed the most mean-spirited provision that said, if you were to give any help whatsoever to someone here illegally, you would commit a crime, I stood up and said that would have criminalized the Good Samaritan and Jesus Christ himself.
I have been on record on this against this kind of demagoguery, this mean-spiritedness.


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