mccainsign.jpgGod-o-Meter just got off the phone with an advisor to Mitt Romney, a longtime conservative activist with strong ties in the movement. Exactly the type of person, in other words, who John McCain needs to win to shore up support from the right. Here’s the advisor’s take on McCain:

He’s a liberal guy who votes pro-life. I dread him winning, I’ll probably vote for McCain but I’ll be afraid if he wins and afraid if he loses [because it means a Democrat in the White House]. I know that sounds stupid, and that the media is puzzling over this: how can the conservatives not come behind him. It’s an emotional thing. An opponent who kicks you in the public square again and again and again and then he becomes the nominee and you’re supposed support him and you can’t. I came from a meeting of [right] wingers this afternoon and they were all saying “write-in.” McCain will be our Gerry Ford–he’ll give the GOP that brand and it will drive conservatives crazy. I dread him winning for that reason.

Like God-o-Meter, the advisor questions McCain’s chances in November:

Go to any Republican race and find out who’s manning the phones and walking the precincts. It’s home schoolers and pro-lifers. They’re not going to come out for [McCain.]


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