hillary4.jpgGod-o-Meter has noted that in southern states like Georgia and South Carolina, where Barack Obama won landslide victories, he fared best among frequent churchgoers. Among those voters, Obama won two-to-one over Hillary Clinton. But after Clinton was declared victorious in two culturally conservative states today–Tennessee and Oklahoma–God-o-Meter checked out the exit polls and saw that Hillary Clinton decisively won churchgoers in both states, even if her widest margins came among infrequent churchgoers. The difference between the states where Obama fared best among churchgoers and where Clinton did? Race. In Georgia and South Carolina, African Americans accounted for more than half of Democratic voters. In Tennessee and Oklahoma, blacks made up a much smaller part of the Democratic electorate–roughly 25-percent in Tennessee and about 5-percent in Oklahoma. You’ve heard of the God gap between Republican and Democrats. We’re now seeing a race-based God gap in the Democratic Party.


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