paul2.jpgGod-o-Meter hadn’t realized there was a groundswell of Muslim support for Ron Paul, but that is the case, according to Ali Eteraz at

I have noticed that the amount of fervor that Ron Paul has inspired among Muslims has been far greater than the fervor Nader inspired. This has to do with the fact that in addition to his foreign policy positions, Paul is also religious, and socially conservative. I’m thinking that Muslims get way too worked up about conservative men who criticize Israel (thus Pat Buchanan’s popularity). This, probably, has something to do with the fact that according to surveys vast numbers of Muslims — not including me please — are actually more socially conservative than Evangelical Christians.
Paul, therefore, has been turned into the perfect candidate for a large number of Muslims

Eteraz spends the rest of the piece rebutting the Muslim pro-Paul crowd. God-o-Meter thinks he makes a convincing case.


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