romney10.jpgTaking advantage of Fred Thompson’s exit from the race and Mike Huckabee’s continuing struggle to get traction outside his evangelical base, the folks over at Evangelicals for Mitt are asking born again Fred Heads and Huck-a-Fans to reconsider the former governor from Massachusetts:

Governor Romney balanced a budget, managed a crisis in one of he most complex and expensive construction projects in history, and crafted a health care plan that – while not ideal – contains innovative reforms rightly applauded by many conservatives. But here’s the critical thing: he managed to do all this at the same time that he vigorously resisted the same-sex marriage decision (up to and including suing the legislature in a successful effort to force them to vote on a state marriage amendment), resisted legislative efforts to dramatically expand stem cell research, fought for Catholic Charities’ right to religious freedom, and vetoed legislation that would have expanded access to the “morning-after” abortion pill. These are not small things.
To be honest (and I say this as a Christian conservative activist), one of the bad side effects of the otherwise good growth of Christian political and cultural activism is the tendency to see the world through activists’ eyes. The activist rightly sees “their” issues as important, but since they so often make a living advancing “their” issue, it is easy to lose perspective.

A day after Thompson dropped out, God-o-Meter suspects that the Romney campaign is making similar overtures to former Christian Right Fred Heads like Richard Land and Gary Bauer.


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