huckabee12.jpgA month ago today, the Drudge Report reported that the Democratic National Committee had ordered its operatives to hold their fire on Mike Huckabee, while letting loose on the rest of the Republican field, because facing Huck in November would be a Democratic nominee’s dream. Since then, according to the DNC’s press release archives, the party has declined to issue a single Huckabee release, while lambasting John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani on an almost daily basis.
DNC communications director Karen Finney denies that the party is going easy on Huck, telling God-o-Meter: “We have mentioned all the Republicans in [press releases] and have to hold them all accountable, but there was a period when you had other Republican frontrunners and we put more focus on those folks directly.”
Of course, that period ended about two months ago. Drudge reported that the DNC feels Huckabee has a “glass jaw” because of his pardon of a rapist who went on to kill and because of his comments about wanting to quarantine AIDS patients.
God-o-Meter suspects that for the DNC, it’s even simpler than that. If Huckabee continues to win on the backs of evangelicals while his rivals split the Republican base, how can he expect moderates and establishment Republicans to start turning out for him in November? In other words, how can he even begin to make swing states like Ohio and Florida competitive?


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