obama3.jpgGod-o-Meter’s friends at the Dallas Morning News Religion Blog report on a new study from the Center for Responsive Politics revealing that Barack Obama has received more money from clergy than any other 2008 presidential candidate, Democrat or Republican. He’s received three times as much from clergy as the top Republican, Mitt Romney.
The report also reveals a pronounced partisan shift in where clergy are sending their money, from Republicans to Democrats, since the 2004 election. From the DMN:

…. [C]lergy and staff members of religious organizations are giving more to Democratic campaigns this year than to Republicans — marking a shift from four years ago.
In the first three quarters of 2007, total contributions to candidates, parties and committees from clergy and other individuals affiliated with religious groups amount to $655,250, according to the study. Fifty-six percent of that money went to Democrats.
By contrast, at the same point in 2003, 59 percent of donations from clergy and religious staffers had gone to Republicans.


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