king.jpgHow better for John McCain to observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and tomorrow’s annual Right to Life march than to announce a statement of “profound respect and admiration” for him from King’s niece Alveda King, a prominent conservative Christian activist. King says it’s not an official endorsement. Of course not:

As I look at the current presidential race and the world we are living in, I believe that Republicans need to look for a quality which our country needs most at this critical time: proven leadership. In John McCain, we know that we have a leader who has stood the test of time and can lead America with courage, integrity and strength….
John McCain shares our Christian values. He has a 24-year pro-life voting record. He has fought for judges who will end the activist bent of our federal courts, and get the judiciary back into its proper place in society of interpreting, not legislating, the laws of our land. John McCain believes in the sanctity of marriage, and led the fight in Arizona in 2006 to protect marriage as Almighty God ordained it: between a man and woman.
What America desperately needs is courage from its political leaders. When my uncle, Martin Luther King, Jr., led the civil rights marches throughout America, he marched with his head held high in a spirit of conviction and courage. John McCain has done the same throughout his career…

A comparison to MLK from a member of his extended family? Not bad. Plus, Sam Brownback’s Restore America PAC just announced that Brownback, the man behind John McCain’s revamped Christian Right outreach, will attend events at tomorrow’s Right to Life march to promote the Senator from Arizona.


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