huckabee8.jpgThe Drudge Report, on an anti-Huckabee crusade, carries a story from the Salt Lake Tribune about Huckabee’s official campaign blog hosting comments from anti-Mormon Huck fans:

Some blog posts were littered with rhetoric about Mormonism.
“As evangelicals, we cannot stand for this Mormon garbage to get into office,” wrote Chase Colasurdo. “They even believe Jesus and Satan were brothers. My vote is God’s vote, Huckabee 08.”
….Some of Huckabee’s supports now are writing on his Web site that they don’t think he should have said sorry [for his Mormon/Jesus/devil remark].
“Finally,” Suzanne Hultquist wrote in a blog post with four exclamation points. “Mike Huckabee has the courage to tell the world [who does not already know] what Mormons truly believe about Jesus. Thank you.”
Another said someone should be bold enough to “completely expose the strange beliefs of the Mormon cult” on television so that the public would know it doesn’t want a Mormon for president.
Huckabee spokeswoman Alice Stewart did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday afternoon.

Should the Huckabee camp be held responsible for expunging comments critical of Mitt Romney’s Mormonism from its blog? God-o-Meter doesn’t think so, partly because rooting out critical/nasty posts from comments sections would likely be the death of comments sections. Do others feel differently?


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