huckabee10.jpgCheck out the entrance polls over at CNN, which show that Mike Huckabee won 46-percent of caucus goers who identified as evangelical or born again Christians, compared to just 19-percent for Mitt Romney. With six in ten GOP caucus goers IDing as evangelical/born again–many more than pollsters expected–it’s pretty clear that the evangelical grassroots are principally responsible for Huck’s Iowa victory. So what does Romney, the candidate who’s spent the last year campaigning as the GOP’s “values candidate,” do now? Those same entrance polls found Romney did best among caucus goers whose religion mattered “not much” or “not at all.” Romney was also tied with John McCain as the winner of moderate votes, while Huck took conservatives hands-down. Does Romney campaign as a moderate from here on out? Where does Huckabee get his votes in New Hampshire, which has a fraction of Iowa’s evangelical population? God-o-Meter feels that tonight’s results from Iowa raise more questions than answers for the Republican field.


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