romney14.jpgDavid Brody’s right. If it weren’t for Huckabee denying him a decent share of the evangelical vote, Romney would probably be the GOP frontrunner:

Huckabee caught fire in Iowa and took crucial votes away from Romney. It left Romney with one of those silver medals. But you don’t spend millions of dollars to get a silver medal. That was strike one.
Strike two was in Florida. Huckabee once again dipped into the Evangelical communities in the panhandle and the Jacksonville areas and dealt Romney another blow.
Strike three may come February 5th. Romney will troll for votes across the country especially in the mountain states and in the south but here comes Mike Huckabee again. He will sweep in and burn Romney again with Evangelicals and take away from Romney’s vote count. It’s kind of like the Road Runner and Wild E Coyote. Or here’s another analogy for you. It’s like Lucy and Charlie Brown with Huckabee in the role of Lucy who keeps taking the football away from Charlie Brown.


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