huckabee12.jpgNo, he’s not airing his Christian Leader ad here. But just because Mike Huckabee’s campaigning in New Hampshire, which lacks Iowa’s religious fervor, doesn’t mean he’s hiding his Christian DNA under a bushel. The Washington Post reports that, while guest preaching at an evangelical church in Windham, NH yesterday, Huckabee told the audience:

When we become believers, it’s as if we have signed up to be part of God’s Army, to be soldiers for Christ.”
Days after winning the Iowa Republican caucus, where Christian conservatives powered him to victory, Huckabee now finds himself in a state without an extensive religious base. While more than 60 percent of GOP voters were estimated to be evangelicals in the Iowa caucuses, they accounted for only about one in five New Hampshire Republican voters in 2000, the last time the state held a competitive GOP primary…
“When you give yourself to Christ, some relationships have to go,” he said. “It’s no longer your life; you’ve signed it over.”

Sure, Huckabee is keeping that kind of talk to Granite State churches and off the campaign trail. But after returning from an event this morning where most attendees seemed to be evangelicals or frequent Christian churchgoers–more on that in a later post–God-o-Meter wonders how good a job Huckabee is doing building out his base.


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