thompson2.jpgDoes only God-o-Meter think this is in poor taste? The Fred Thompson campaign just sent reporters a memo that’s written as a send-up of Mike Huckabee’s apology to Mitt Romney over his recent remarks about Mormonism. A few excerpts from the memo:

To: Interested Members of the Media
From: Karen Hanretty, Deputy Communications Director
Date: 12/13/2007
Re: Fred Thompson Campaign Apologies
In light of Mike Huckabee’s heartfelt apology to Mitt Romney for making reference to Romney’s religion in the New York Times Magazine, we at the Thompson Campaign would like to offer Huckabee our own heartfelt apologies for some references we’ve made about his record as Governor of Arkansas.
We apologize for pointing out that as Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee offered in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. That’s something he’d probably just as soon no one talk about….
We apologize for referencing that 47% tax increase Huckabee imposed on Arkansas taxpayers when he was governor. That must be really awkward for him, now that he’s running in a GOP primary election. We notice he never points it out to voters…
We apologize for telling reporters that a BA in Biblical Studies from Ouachita Baptist University doesn’t, in fact, make Huckabee more qualified to fight the war on terror than say…Fred Thompson.

Ouch. Reads to God-o-Meter kind of like an off-color joke. Does a candidate who’s having a tough time appealing to religious conservatives really want to come off as tone deaf to religious sensitivities?


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