mccain2.jpgShortly after announcing its new Catholics for McCain effort yesterday, the McCain campaign unveiled new leadership for its Iowans of Faith for McCain coalition. It’s more evidence that McCain is seeking to expand his second wind in New Hampshire on the backs of independent-minded voters into a surge within the GOP’s Christian Right base. From the McCain camp’s press release:

The Iowans of Faith for McCain coalition brings together people who support pro-life issues, traditional marriage and family values. Its members support John McCain’s commitment to pro-life principles, traditional family values and making America a stronger nation. The coalition includes several supporters of former presidential candidate Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS).
“As a pastor and as a former vice president of Iowa Right to Life, I decided to support the candidate most likely to work with Congress to appoint and gain confirmation of strict constructionist judges, ultimately resulting in the reversal of Roe v Wade,” said Phil Carroll of Grace Church in Des Moines and Co-Chair of Iowans of Faith for McCain. “That candidate is most assuredly John McCain. This would have been enough for me, but when you add his national security experience, honesty, integrity, and ability to play it straight with the American people, then no other candidate can even come close.”

God-o-Meter is trying to find out who’s behind the McCain campaign’s new Christian outreach offensive (its money is on Sam Brownback) and will report back soon.


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