huckabee2picture.jpgGod-o-Meter got all excited when it read this headline in today’s Salt Lake Tribune: Huckabee throwing veiled LDS hardballs? Political scientists say magazine remark, TV ad are shots at Romney. So, God-o-Meter, told itself, you’re not the only one who feels this way. But the only true political scientist quoted in the story who actually supports the headline is a professor with Brigham Young University, which is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. God-o-Meter feels that this casts some doubt on his objectivity.
In the Trib’s defense, the story also quotes Mark Halperin, editor at large and senior political analyst for TIME magazine:

“If this were any candidate but Huckabee, the press would be screaming with outrage about what seem to be pretty obvious attempts to exploit ignorance of and disdain for the [LDS] Church.”

And the story has religion/politics guru John Green saying Huckabee is likely benefitting from anti-Mormon sentiment, though not necessarily by design:

“Whether these efforts are all part of a calculated strategy or whether they’re not, there’s the potential that Huckabee could get the votes of those who express skepticism against Mormons. There certainly is that sentiment out there [against Mormons], and Huckabee among others would be well-positioned to take advantage of that sentiment.”

Still, that means one political analyst, TIME’s Halperin, is on record saying Huckabee’s playing the Mormon card. He’s one of the country’s best political minds, to be sure, but God-o-Meter is nonetheless left feeling a bit isolated.


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