dobson.jpgIs God-o-Meter imagining things, or is the most powerful figure in the Christian Right, Focus on the Family’s James Dobson, becoming more bullish on the Mormon Mitt Romney than on evangelical wunderkind Mike Huckabee? Check out this tidbit, buried in a Friday Politico brief and brought to God-o-Meter’s attention by the good folks at Evangelicals for Mitt:

Romney has spent the past 24 hours raising cash, but has also been in touch with supporters and others who’ve contacted him to discuss The Speech. An aide said that Romney had received a warm phone call from James Dobson and an e-mail from Pat Robertson, a Rudy backer.

God-o-Meter would like the know the last time Dobson placed a warm phone call to Huckabee–and the date of Robertson’s most recent email to him. Is the Christian Right getting nervous that a Huckabee win in Iowa will only enable Rudy Giuliani in New Hampshire and beyond?


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