sekulow.jpgA couple days after reporting that prominent evangelical publicist Mark DeMoss has taped radio spots for Mitt Romney for broadcast on Christian radio, another evangelical Romney booster—Supreme Court lawyer Jay Sekulow—tells God-o-Meter he has also recently taped radio ads for the candidate.
Sekulow says the two ads he taped roughly a week ago focus on the probability of two or three Supreme Court vacancies under the next president. Rather than mention Mike Huckabee, Romney’s chief rival for evangelical caucus goers in Iowa, Sekulow says one of his ads invokes the names of Democratic frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, with Sekulow asking “Who do you want making the next Supreme Court appointments?”
Like DeMoss, Sekulow says his ads attempt to make a practical case that a candidate’s religious faith and stance on hot button social issues should not be the sole considerations for evangelical voters. That fits into Romney’s larger strategy to combat Huckabee’s rise among conservative Christian voters, which is making the case that two candidates have identical stances on social issues like abortion rights and gay marriage but that Romney is more conservative on other issues, like immigration and taxes. “Social conservative issues are important, but they’re not the only issues,” Sekulow says. “We have to focus on economic conservatives and defense conservatives.”
Though DeMoss says his ads were taped for broadcast in the days leading up to the Iowa caucuses, the Romney campaign has declined to say on if and when they will run. A Romney advisor says the ads would be the first to feature prominent evangelicals for Romney. “Like any good campaign we want to have lots of options and we are readying all the tools in the tool chest,” the advisor says. “It is good to have stuff in the can and ready to use at a moment’s notice.”
Romney has featured other ads on Christian radio that don’t feature evangelical leaders, including one outlining Gov Romney’s opposition to same-sex marriage.


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