It’s official. Conservative Kansas senator and former presidential candidate Sam Brownback is supporting John McCain. In a joint appearance in Dubuque, Iowa, Brownback, a darling of the Christian right, called his senate colleague from Arizona “the best pro-life candidate to beat Hillary Clinton.”
You can read the full AP account of the announcement here, and the official statement released by the McCain campaign here.
The endorsement may provide a much-needed boost for McCain in Iowa, where he currently is running fourth among GOP hopefuls. But since Brownback was unable to parlay his personal popularity among evangelicals into support for his own candidacy, God-o-Meter is dubious about how much weight his endorsement will carry. The impact pales in comparison, in GOM’s view, to Pat Robertson’s surprise endorsement of Rudy Giuliani earlier in the day. But if nothing else, it keeps the race interesting.


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