God-o-Meter doesn’t know whether to say that it’s shocked or that it told you so: a new poll from The Pew Research Center shows that 55-percent of all Republican evangelical voters would consider backing a third-party candidate in a presidential matchup between Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. Yes, GOM was always skeptical about polls reporting high evangelical support for Giuliani. But that so many are entertaining a third party option even against their nightmare candidate comes as something of a surprise.
Some key graphs from the relevant AP story:

Fifty-five percent of white evangelical Republicans said they would consider a conservative who ran as a third-party candidate. Forty-two percent said they would not.
Evangelicals make up 34 percent of GOP and Republican-leaning voters, according to Pew. They are divided about evenly among Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

God-o-Meter asks: what about Mitt Romney?


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