They certainly aren’t marching in lockstep over there at the Christian Broadcasting Network. While CBN founder Pat Robertson was busy yesterday trying to make Rudy Giuliani more acceptable to evangelical voters, CBN’s political reporter David Brody was sitting down with Barack Obama in Iowa for a revealing interview highlighting the Illinois Democrat’s spiritual side.
During the wide-ranging conversation, Obama describes how he prays daily – “most of my prayers are done at night after work” – and that he most often prays “that my family is protected—that’s obviously something you ask for, because this is a big strain on family.”
He also discusses the moral dimensions of his pro-choice position on abortion and his support for gay rights.

One of the things I’ve always said is that abortion is a deeply moral issue, and those who would deny that there is a moral component to it are wrong. The reason that I make a decision to support the choice position is that – not because I don’t think it’s a moral issue but because I trust women to make a prayerful decision… On gay marriage, as a public official my belief is that my role is to make sure that everybody is treated fairly and everybody has equal rights…Right now many gay couples, for example, can’t visit each other in the hospital. And when I sit down and read Scripture and I think, “How would Jesus feel about somebody not being able to visit somebody they love when they’re sick?” I conclude that is something that is important

You can view the entire conversation at The Brody File. While it’s not quite enough to elevate Obama’s God-o-Meter rating, at least it keeps his name out there when most eyes are on the Christian right endorsements.


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