After Focus on the Family’s James Dobson dissed Fred Thompson several weeks back, a handful of Christian Right leaders came to the former Tennessee Senator’s defense, suggesting all was not lost for him among the pro-family crowd. But The Washington Times reports that that at a meeting of activists at last weekend’s Values Voter Summit, the reservoir of support was draining fast:

One major figure on the Christian Right who was considered a behind-the-scenes backer of former Tennessee Gov. Fred Thompson, said at yesterday’s closed-door session that he simply didn’t think any of the major Republican hopefuls could pass “the straight-face test” when it comes to commitment to Christian principles.
Asked at the closed-door meeting whom he would “choose if forced at gunpoint,” he surprised many of those present by naming former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Mormon who has gathered endorsements from major social conservatives, including South Carolina’s Bob Jones III.
Mr. Thompson was the first choice of many top Christian conservatives before he announced formally, but his former boosters say he has lost support since because he lacks energy, passion and even knowledge about current events. Mr. Thompson underperformed in both his speech and the straw poll at the Values summit, garnering only 10 percent of the overall vote, including Internet ballots.

Mitt Romney’s patience in waiting to become the Christian Right’s fallback choice appears to be paying off.


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