God-o-Meter tips its needle to Robert Novak for exposing Romney’s “The only people who ask about my Mormonism are reporters” line as the malarkey it is. Novak notes that Romney is asked about his Mormonism by practically every audience he appears before. No surprise there. But Novak also delivers two big new revelations: 1) Romney’s much-awaited “Mormon speech” has already been written, though “90 percent of it could still be changed” and 2) Romney has avoided delivering said speech because he’s “stalling,” having “not determined how to deal with” the Mormon question. Does Novak’s news change Romney’s God-o-Meter rating? No. Does Novak’s past prescience and highly placed sources put God-o-Meter on the lookout for a more robust effort from Team Romney to confront national jitters about a Mormon in the White House? You bet.


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