John McCain just announced an endorsement from a prominent Michican pro-life activist who’d been affiliated with Sam Brownback’s campaign. It’s not enough to boost his God-o-Meter rating–and even with Michigan’s super-early January 15 primary, it’s not clear that winning the state will matter much–but if it augurs more such endorsements God-o-Meter promises to reconsider.
From the McCain campaign’s official release:

U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today announced that Dr. Jerry Zandstra, President of the Pro-Life Federation of Michigan and former member of the Brownback for President National Steering Committee, has endorsed John McCain for President of the United States.
“I am sad to see Sam leave the race for president, but proud to announce my support for John McCain because he is the only pro-life candidate in the race with the ability to defeat Senator Hillary Clinton,” said Dr. Jerry Zandstra. “I will volunteer nearly full-time over the next several weeks to convince other pro-life leaders and Brownback supporters that John McCain is the best candidate for conservatives to support.”
John McCain thanked Dr. Zandstra, stating, “I am grateful to have Jerry’s support. He is a distinguished leader among conservative organizers in Michigan and across the country. I look forward to working with him as we continue to build our strong grassroots organization in the Great Lakes State.”


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