A recent column in The Las Vegas Review-Journal notes that Hillary Clinton recieved a rousing reception at a little-noticed visit to a black megachurch in West Las Vegas:

After waking between 2,000-thread-count sheets at the Four Seasons, Clinton attended services at Victory Missionary Baptist Church in West Las Vegas. Dr. Robert Fowler, the pastor and a member of her steering committee, welcomed her to the fold.
The black churches of West Las Vegas are still in many ways the opening to black voters, a majority of whom have come to expect these election cycle visits as a requirement for their support.
Obama events continue to draw a more diverse and younger crowd than events staged by the other Democratic candidates. But Clinton certainly won’t be ceding the black vote in Nevada. And if Sunday’s reception at Victory Baptist was any indication, she hasn’t much worry on that front.

The report raises a question for God-o-Meter: Is all the news about Barack Obama’s vigorous black church outreach in South Carolina obscuring similar efforts by Hillary Clinton? Is Obama’s effort that much stronger, or just more widely publicized?


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