For Hillary Clinton, competing with Barack Obama for black support means competing largely among black churchgoers, who’ve long been among her husband’s most receptive audiences (remember his ovation-inspiring eulogy at Rosa Parks’s 2005 funeral?). Clinton’s dazzling performance yesterday before a crowed of 2,000 plus at the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. in Myrtle Beach, Florida (video here) was a good reminder of why Toni Morrison crowned him “the first black president.” He proclaimed Hillary the “best qualified, most prepared” non-incumbent candidate for president he’s seen since he started voting. Clinton’s speech wasn’t just a plug for his wife–“It’s a joy to have an election where you like and respect everybody running,” he said. “Shoot, I even like some of the Republicans running.”—but God-o-Meter knows such above-the-fray congeniality only makes Democrats yearn even harder to have the Clintons back in White House.


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