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I’ve always been struck by Thich Nhat Hanh’s simple description of mindfulness as a “safe island,” something always available to us, to which we can always return.

Try a “safe island” meditation today by choosing a word or image that’s your harbor, your emotional home.  It can be “calm,” “peace,” “quiet,” anything that relaxes and comforts you.

Any time you feel stress creep in today, remember to land on your “safe island” each time you exhale.  Imagine yourself floating onto a feathery pad of shelter and support each time you breathe out into your word. 

On your inhales, you can either draw in another “safe island,” or choose a different descriptor for your exhale word on each breath.  For example, “deep calm,” “simple calm,” “healing calm.”

See if taking a couple of “safe island” breaths can help ease some of your stress today!

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