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moonCycle2.gif“When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly.” – Unknown

Today is the new moon, which happens to land in Aries. Our astrology blogger Lynn Hayes points out that this means a triple fresh start: New moons are about beginnings, Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and spring is springing! Bring on the freshness!

Just as the full moon is a time of fruition and reaping, the dark night of a new moon is a time for planting seeds–ideas, desires, intentions. We can ask ourselves: What do I want to grow in my life? What would I like to see bloom someday in the not-distant future?

And if you’re into this sort of thing, you can do a ritual–write a letter to the universe, literally plant seeds with the intention of growing a plant or a blessing, make a collage, let yourself expand on that great idea you’ve got brewing.

Me, I’m going to start a new cycle of chanting a Sanskrit chant to open my creative channels more. And do some cleaning so fresh things can enter my life and living space. And get some rest. 

You? What do you want to grow in your life?

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