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You may have seen the news reports last night with new warnings about bisphosphonates, the class of drugs used to treat the bone loss associated with osteoporosis. 

These drugs–most popular under the names Fosamax, Boniva, Reclast, and Actonel–are a $3.5 billion industry, not to mention crucial to quality of life for millions of older women who are able to stay healthier and more active with strong, solid bones to support them.

The reports were about 2 small studies that have shown an increased risk of a rare type of hip fracture in a small percentage of women who took the drugs for more than 5 years.  There are also reports of a lawsuit in which a woman alleges that the drugs contributed to the loss of her jaw bone tissue.

The FDA released a statement yesterday saying that the data they’ve reviewed does not show an increased risk with the drug.

More importantly, they are recommending that women not stop taking their medication unless specifically told to do so by their doctors.  And, as in all things, ask your doctor if you are concerned or confused.

Below is the segment from NBC Nightly News on the issue.  What do you think – are you concerned about osteoporosis drugs?  Is the media alarming people needlessly?  

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