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number one.jpgNot that this will shatter anyone’s worlds or anything, but I just realized something: today is 1/11.  Yawn, right?  One-eleven comes calling every year.

But then I realized something else:  next year on this very day will be 1/11/11.  And that date will only come by once a century.  One year from today, we might be talking about the meaning of the number one, how fresh and simple it looks there on the calendar.  We might pledge to do one kind thing, or change one attitude, or smile one extra time, on that day.  It’s kind of cool to contemplate.

Which brings me to this:  why not today?  What if we relish “one” on regular old 1/11/10, a precise year before numerologists and astrologists and human-interest story writers point it out?  It could be a secret celebration we share.  Just one little secret.

What does “one” mean to you?  How might you celebrate 1/11?

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