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beyondbluebook.jpgI’ve been trying to figure out how best to communicate to you my feelings about Beyond Blue, the new book just published by our blog sister Therese Borchard.  Other than just jumping up and down shouting “Buy it!  Buy it now!” of course.

Nota bene, in case you haven’t guessed yet: this is not an impartial review.  Therese is not just a blogger I work with, or even a work-friend.  She’s a capital-F friend, and I am immensely grateful for her presence in my life.  I was lucky enough to have helped her start the Beyond Blue blog 3 years ago–among the top 5 things I’ve ever been professionally proud of is that I came up with that name–and from that working relationship blossomed a true friendship, where often I call her with a “work” thing when all I really want to do is catch up and chat.

But “take my word for it–this is someone you want to get to know” isn’t the only reason I commend to you Beyond Blue the Book.  Between its covers, you will find, first, an unflinching yet astoundingly humorous account of a life that has included, at various times, alcohol abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorder, panic attacks, postpartum depression, psych ward hospitalization, and more.  It’s a tale that had me reminding myself “it’s ok–she made it through to write this book!” a few times, just to stop my own heart from pounding.

The memoir is only half the book, though–and that’s where, like she does in her blog every day, she captures that fragile, gossamer balance between sharing the genuine, pure story of her life and elevating out of her personal experience to offer us proven tools, resources, ideas, quotes, and other ways out of what she calls the “black hole” of depression. 

Usefully for readers of Fresh Living, Therese has been to the extremes of both the psycho-pharmacological and natural-holistic sides of depression treatment.  Her navigation of the “medication vs. meditation” debate–and the balanced place that she eventually comes to–is truly worthwhile reading. 

No one is better educated on the science, spirituality, and everyday slog of mood disorders than Therese.  Reading her book will not only make you a quick study as well, but her strength and survival will also offer the one thing that can often feel most elusive to anyone who suffers:  hope.

Congratulations, Therese, my brave friend.  You inspire me every day.

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