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kale.jpgOk, so maybe I indulged a little bit over the holidays.  Ok, so maybe I indulged a lot.  Maybe I ate dairy and sugar and red meat and all kinds of other rarities on my usual menu.  Maybe….

But the beauty of New Year’s is that it turns a new, fresh page.  And so I’ve decided that this week, the first of 2010, I’m going to do some detoxifying, clean eating, focusing on the super-foods we generally refer to as “greens.”  As I learned back in October, greens promote lymphatic drainage, sweep “free radicals” from the bloodstream,
oxygenate blood and tissue, and are packed with vitamins A, C, K, calcium, fiber, and more.  Greens prevent osteoporosis, cancer, and the common cold.  Yes, please. 

The trick to eating greens every day is to vary the manner in which you eat them so you don’t feel like a rabbit, but you get all your green goodness.  Here’s my dinner plan for this week:

Monday:  Grilled chicken over a spinach salad with yellow pepper, avocado, and cucumber.

Tuesday:  Wild rice salad with chopped, sauteed red chard, Pink Lady apple, onion, walnut, and goat cheese, stuffed into a baked, halved Kombucha squash.

Wednesday:  Simple soup of white beans, chopped canned tomatoes, onion, and kale simmered in chicken (or vegetable) broth. 

Thursday:  Pasta with garlic-and-lemon sauteed shrimp and spinach.

Friday, I’m probably going to wind up out for dinner, but I will make it a point to drink a green smoothie (this time I’m going to try Odwalla) to round out the week.

This is the kind of New Year’s detox plan I can handle – it is basically a return to my regular eating pattern, but with a conscious effort to fold a dose of superfood into every day.  

Do you have a New Year’s detox program in mind? 

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