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I became a Mac convert a couple of years ago when I replaced my spyware-laden PC with a big, shiny, clean iMac.  So I watched with some interest this promo video for the new iPad, sort of in a curious, what’s-new-and-exciting-here kind of way.

Something bothered me about the vid, though, and it wasn’t until the second viewing that I put my finger on it: the video was all men.  Every Apple employee who had worked on the product….male.  Every hand that was shown demonstrating the iPad’s bells and whistles….male.  Every torso shown relaxing with a movie or an email or a calendar….male.

Well, ok, not every one.  As the screenshot below shows, the bosom of a woman does make a brief appearance in one of the torso-relaxing shots, as she’s being shown the iPad by….a man.

I know there’s lots of snickering going on about the iPad’s name being reminiscent of menstrual hygeine (did you hear Stephen Colbert’s line last night about the iPad’s alternate name: the TamPod?).  But come on – is anyone else as annoyed as I am that the hot new technology is–in the year 2010–being marketed as fun, smart, hip, and cutting-edge….and made by and for men?

Click here to watch the full video.

What am I missing here?

Picture 2.png

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