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sun1.jpgI’ve long learned that one of the best ways to start my day is with some protein. This doesn’t usually stop me from having a brimming bowl of Uncle Sam’s with raisins and oat milk (yu-uhm). But I find I feel better, more grounded and less hungry when I get some actual protein in the mix–not a lot (Americans are notoriously over-proteined), but some. Here are some ideas:

1) An egg–hardboiled and soft-boiled will be healthiest, but if you need the scrambled or fried versions make sure you use just a little bit of unsaturated oil.

2) Last night’s salmon. This morning I patted some of the delicious wild salmon I made for dinner onto some very wholegrain multi-grain bread. Could have used a little mustard or even a thin schmear of cream cheese. But plain was also delish and filling.

3) Almond butter on wholegrain bread. Add some creamed honey and cinnamon for a real treat and/or slice a banana on top for the deluxe version.

How do you power-protein your breakfast?

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